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Sightcast Fishing

Sightcast Topwater Fly Foam Strips

Sightcast Topwater Fly Foam Strips

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Each pre-cut foam strip has two colors of high-quality closed cell foam fused together and placed into a convenient package that’s ready to use on your favorite topwater flies. From Gurglers to Popping Shrimps and Bass Bugs to Hoppers, the number of patterns are as endless as your imagination. With over 20 different fishy color combinations you will have the flexibility to create tons of patterns for any type of water.

  • Two colors of foam fused together to form one strip.

  • Quantity: 12 dual-color foam strips per package.

  • Thickness: 3mm

  • Length: 3”

  • Width: 7/16”

  • Fits all hooks sizes, just cut to length.

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