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EP Craft Fur Brush 3”

EP Craft Fur Brush 3”

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Brushes per Pack

A durable, synthetic brush with marabou like motion in the water.  Once wrapped around the hook the two-color brushes will have an inner core of one color and the outer core in a different color.

  • 6 Per Pack
  • 10" Length x 3" Width
  • Stainless Steel Wire Core
  • Extremely Durable
  • UV Reflective
  • 0% Water Absorption - Very Easy To Cast
  • Blend of EP® FIBERS, EP® SILKY FIBERS, EP® SPARKLE and Extra Select Craft Fur

"I started with extra selected craft fur fibers, then a mix of EP® FIBERS and EP® SILKY FIBERS for the inner core, and finished with the appropriate amount of EP® SPARKLE for flash and UV light reflection.  The result?  A durable material that lasts many catches, with marabou like motion in the water.  Once you wrap this brush in a hook you will have the inner core of one color and the outside in a different color, plus a few useful solid color brushes.  From there glue in any of your favorite eyes and you’re good to go.  The color combinations are endless from saltwater to freshwater, EP®CRAFTFUR BRUSH will bring your fly creations to a different level!"  -Enrico

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