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Danco Lunar-I Launch pad Kit

Danco Lunar-I Launch pad Kit

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Looking to restock your tackle all at once? Now you can with our new Lunar-1 Series Launch Pad Kit. This kit includes our 7" Micro Flex Knife, our 6.5" Carbon Steel Pliers, and our 3" Micro-Serrated Braid Scissors.

Lunar 7" Micro Flex Knife:
This new grade of steel - Swedish Sandvik 14C28N - matches the
previous highest achievable hardness of steel without
impacting the overall microstructure. What does that mean? It
is critical in blade re-sharpening as it allows this process to
become easier. At the same time, edge stability and edge folding
or rolling is also improved. The balance between hardness and
brittleness is critically important for anglers as they
process game. With a recommended hardness range of 55-62
HRC, Sandvik 14C28N is ideal for outdoor knife applications
and customers that place a high level of importance on edge
sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance - just as we
do here at danco. Sandvik 14C28N has superior edge retention
too; it will hold an edge 5-7 times longer than the German Steel
counterpart. This is due to the finer-grains of Swedish steel
that allow us to increase the hardness of the material
during the heat treatment process. If not completed properly,
this causes “chipping” when going through hard material (like
bone). However, because of the unique properties of Sandvik
14C28N, you are getting all of the qualities you can expect
from a danco knife - strong, sharp, durable and affordable.

6.5" Carbon Steel Pliers:
Our Lunar-1, 6.5" Carbon Steel Pliers, are affordable and a great tool to assist with lure rigging. The replaceable tungsten carbide side cutters are very sharp and can cut through braided fishing line, mono, and fluorocarbon. They come with a split lead/single-barrel crimping position on the jaws and a side lure adjustment key for tuning lures. They include forged center wire cutters and come with a custom molded sheath. The sheath comes with a belt clip and coiled lanyard to keep this handy tool within easy reach and securing them to you so they are not lost.

3" Micro-Serrated Braid Scissors:

Our Lunar-1, 3" Serrated Braid Scissor is designed for cutting braid, mono, and flouro. Make rigging up for your next cast easier with a pocket sized go anywhere tool that can cut through most scenarios like butter! Designed with an oversized thumb hole for quick, comfortable access, you won't need another tool for making rigs. We added micro serrations to the cutting edge to ensure sharpness and longevity.
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