Rods and Reels

Most of your tarpon fishing at No Name can be done with a 10wt rod, but you could definitely encounter some of the larger fish where a 11-12wt would be ideal. Regardless of rod weight, the most important thing is to have a saltwater reel with quality drag and at least 200 yards of backing and a weight forward floating line.  For Permit an 8 or 9wt is sufficient. If we were to only bring two rods it would be a 9 and 10wt as both rods can do double duty for poons and permit.

As always we offer free backing with the purchase of a reel and free fly line of your choice with any rod and reel purchase over $750.


We’ve put together assortments of our favorite flies below. You can’t go wrong with 1/0 baitfish imitation patterns, toads and shrimp for tarpon. Bring a few permit patterns, but the guides are usually pretty dialed in with their preferred permit flies. 


Boots are essential for wading the flats in Puerto Rico due to sharp and shifting coral. Long sleeve shirts and pants for protection against both sun and bugs are perfect for wearing on the skiffs. 

Fly Lines

Below is a list of some of our favorite fly lines in the shop.

Cortland Tarpon Taper is a great all round line if you prefer a true to grain weight line. Don't let the name fool you this is still a great permit line and we love it locally for redfish and snook.

Scientific Anglers Grand Slam is another favorite of ours. It is slightly over weighted which helps turnover heavier permit flies and is excellent in the wind. The shorter heavier head is great too for quick shots at rolling fish first thing in the morning. This line is offered in both textured and no textured coatings depending on your preference.

We also recommend bringing a spare fly line for each of your tarpon outfits. Fishing around structure most of the day its inevitable that a fish with run through a dock or mangrove roots. While more often than not the line will still be fishable, you don't want to chance a compromised line on what could be the fish of a lifetime.


No Name Long recommends fishing a tapered leader with a 30lb class section and 60 pound bite. We are not the biggest fans of this as you can pull plenty hard with a 16-20lb class section and avoid injury if line wraps around you or avoid rod breakage if issue with clearing line. The umpqua leaders are a great premade option or we will tie our own leaders using cortland material.


Call us at the shop at 321-723-4751 to discuss gear or just to talk fishing!